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What are we?

UCL First-Gen is a UCLU-affiliated society that aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment for students and alumni belonging to the first generation in their immediately family to enter higher education.​

What do we do?

We are helping to safeguard the welfare of a portion of UCL’s student body that often feels marginalised and unwelcome. ​

How do we help?

Our activity supports students through an online community, regular events (pastoral, social and skills-focused), alongside working with UCL’s Widening Participation team to support their interventions.​


Instituted in December 2018, UCL First-Gen is just starting to establish itself amongst hundreds of societies at UCL.

Do not be mistaken, however, as our vision for equality in Higher Education has a legacy extending much further back.


For us at UCL First-Gen, we consider First-Gen students to be those who are part of the first generation in their immediately family to enter higher education.

There are numerous definitions of First Generation students, with some excluding those students with extended family who attended university. We subscribe to our definition as we feel it is the most inclusive, recognising the direct influence that parental figures have on university participation.

With our mission being the promotion of access and inclusivity, an executive decision was made during UCL First-Gen’s founding to refuse to charge for membership. You can join UCL First-Gen for free by clicking here.

First-Gen students can be found worldwide. With the most visible network of students being found in the US, it can be easy to mistake it for a strictly Western issue: we hope to highlight the ubiquity of this phenomenon and subsequently drive attention towards this issue.

Events organised by the society range from:

  • Fortnightly meetups/socials
  • Career information events
  • Life skills workshops
  • Networking events

We have events running at least every fortnight during term-time, and our aim for the 2019-2020 academic year is to introduce even more variety into our events.

Since its founding, UCL First Gen’s collaborations have strictly been with UCL departments, predominantly the Access and Widening Participation Office, working to inform their strategies for targeting first generation students. Furthermore, we have also worked with Project Access and their UCL Campus Director.

During the 2019/20 academic year, we hope to engage with other societies at UCL and beyond, developing partnerships to further spread our message.

Meet the Committee


Rebeka Ninikova


Wing Yan Wong


Eliza Lawless

Secretary and Treasurer

Zakriya Mohammed

Social Media Officer

Marta Sartori

Welfare Officer

Harveer Rothar

Sponsorship Officer

Ilhem Boulrhaoui

Widening Participation Officer